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40+ City Council candidates
support our vision:

It's time to defund the NYPD and refund the people!

The New York City Government must immediately:

Cut NYPD budget & police force by 50% 

Divest from the Prison Industrial Complex and Invest in Community Care

End Stop & Frisk, Close Rikers, No New Jails, Free Them All

Police do not keep us safe. They enforce white supremacy and exploitation by the billionaire class with violence.

NYC-DSA is a local branch of the National Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
We are the largest leftist organization in the United States. New York City Democratic Socialists of America (NYC-DSA) supports the people's demand to defund the police and abolish the prison industrial complex.
The DSA is a big tent organization that represents the leftist political interests of organizers across the country.

DSA is working collaboratively with community members, labor unions, and grassroots organizations building the mass, multi-racial democratic abolitionist movement we need right now.


Read more about NYC-DSA's Policy Platform here including our plan to End the Carceral State

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