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Call on the City Council to #DefundNYPD!

On June 30th 2020, only a month after the murder of George Floyd, the New York City Council voted to not defund the NYPD. Our current city council approved over $6 billion to a militarized police department that enforces white supremacy and defends private capitalist property by waging violence in black and brown communities. We believe this is unacceptable and ask you to email and call council members to commit to our demands. We are asking that the NYC city government defund the NYPD by 50% and cut the police force by 50% immediately.  It's time to divest from policing and reinvest in community safety through well funded housing, healthcare, and education.

Step 1: Choose one of the following council members.

This targeted list of council members focuses on members of the budget negotiation team (i.e., the people directly responsible for negotiating the budget) and public safety committee, as well as candidates running for future office (who will be sensitive to criticism). Incorporate the targeted language here or develop your own. You can check here where your Council Member and others stand on the issue.

  • Serves on finance and public safety committees

  • Voted for new jails

  • Ran against Tiffany Caban for Queens DA and asked for DSA’s endorsement (but endorsed Caban’s opponent when he dropped out)

  • Considers himself progressive; took cop money

  • Vague in past phone calls that our members have logged.

“I know you’ve considered yourself a progressive for years, but supporting the police is incompatible with standing up for healthcare, education, and safe communities. Your chief of staff quit because she didn’t support your decision to endorse Melinda Katz in the Queens District Attorney race, and because she didn’t have confidence that you would stand up for the community against the police and prison system. We have the same concerns here, and we need you to make a firm commitment to cut a specific amount, and to vote against a budget that fails to make those cuts, because vague statements aren’t good enough.”

Rory Lancman | 212-788-6956 | 718-217-4969

  • Serves on finance and public safety committees

  • Voted for new jails

  • Up for re-election

  • Took cop money

  • Staff said that Powers “supports meaningful cuts” but that “budget negotiations means that Powers cannot commit to a dollar amount.” 

“I know that you are up for re-election next year, and we’re all watching this process very carefully. After you voted for the new jails, it looks like there is a pattern emerging. What we need now is for you to commit to voting against a budget that fails to make the necessary cuts.”

Keith Powers | 212-788-7393 | 212-818-0580

For emails, copy Kate Theobold (Chief of Staff) at

  • Speaker, running for mayor - biggest target - voted and advocated for new jails

  • Considers himself progressive

  • Took cop money

“I know you’re running for mayor next year: I can’t support another mayor who can’t commit to taking a stand for communities, who will choose the support and money of the NYPD over his very own constituents.”

Corey Johnson | 212-788-7210 | 212-564-7757

For emails, copy Erik Bottcher (Chief of Staff) at

Helen Rosenthal | 212-788-6975 | 212-873-0282

For emails, copy Marisa Maack (Chief of Staff) at or call directly at (212) 873-0282 x. 200

  • Voted yes on the jail plan

  • Running for comptroller (chief fiscal officer)

  • On the finance committee

“I know you’re running for New York comptroller: your actions on the city budget now will show us your principles and your commitments in the future.”

Diana Ayala | 212-788-6960 | 212-828-9800

For emails, copy Jose Rodriguez (Chief of Staff) at

  • New Bronx jail was in her district and she voted for it

  • Finance committee

  • Up for re-election

“I know you are up for re-election, and your community knows that you would rather have a new jail than invest in health care, education, and supportive housing. You must now stand with your community on defunding the NYPD.”

  • Attacked DSA members for knocking on his door to deliver a letter

  • Longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community

  • Should be pushed for more money and to commit to a no vote on the budget without these cuts

  • Chair of the finance committee

  • Isn’t running for anything after this

  • Voted yes on the jail plan

Danny Dromm | 212-788-7066 | 718-803-6373

For emails, copy Robin Forst ( and Carolyn Tran (

  • Serves on finance committee and committee on public safety

  • Voted yes on the jail plan

  • Co-chair of Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus which attacked DSA for delivering letter to Cumbo and Dromm

Adrienne Adams |  212-788-6850 | 718-206-2068

For emails, copy Jamal Wilkerson (Chief of Staff) at

  • Majority leader

  • Finance committee

  • Attacked Jabari and DSA for knocking on her door to deliver a letter

  • Ran against Jabari in 2007

  • Supported and voted for new jails

Laurie Cumbo  |  212-788-7081 | 718-260-9191

For emails, copy Jason Hur (Chief of Staff) at

This helps us figure out who we need to pressure. 

Step 3: Send emails, tweets and share on social media.
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